Friday, 2 January 2015

The Perfect Necklace/ BaubleBar Unboxing

Hello everyone and happy New year everyone! Hope you're having a good one!

I have a post today about a piece of jewellery that I've had for a couple weeks now and I have to say, already I'm in love. I have been looking for a necklace like this for some time because I've wanted something to stack with the other necklaces, but couldn't really find one I liked too much. I stumbled among this necklace actually a couple weeks before I purchased it but at the time was $32....and because of the kind necklace that it is I couldn't justify spending that. But recently BaubleBar has been doing these 'buried baubles'  where they sell different pieces for $10 and $20. This necklace was on sale for $10 which is a great deal to the ! Plus they have free shipping so really a great deal.

As I said I was wanting a necklace that I would be able to stack with other pieces I wear daily, and since the majority of pieces I own are silver...I bought it in silver. I was looking at buying the rose gold version to step out of my comfort zone and because I really do love rose gold, maybe more than I do silver.  However, it just made more sense to get silver because it will work best with my sentimental pieces that I wear all the time and I didn't want to end up not wearing very much.

Can I just say I love the way bauble bar packages their products. Not to mention that it's free shipping all the time, and this isn't a gift wrapping option. I promise this post isn't sponsored haha, it's just my first time purchasing anything from the company and I love the quality of everything. They even include a disocunt code inside that can be up to 15% off your next purchase and little gift tags if you decide to make it a gift, which I think is really lovely.

One thing I want to say is the necklace isn't amazing quality in my opinion just because the actual chain has tangled on itself and knotted. The necklace is silver plated and not a true silver, but I think if you're going to pay $32 I would want it to be true silver...but for $10 it doesn't matter too much to me. Even though I might not need to I take it off before I have a shower, just as a precaution. Despite that I think this necklace just the perfect one for stacking and the reason I love it the most is because it looks just like Zoella's necklace she wears all the time and that's the type of I've been looking for. But it's also an adjustable length with 3 different hoops for you to clasp it on so you can make it short or longer depending on what you want. Mine is on the centre hoops because otherwise it tends to go under high neck tops and then you can't see it.


Retailing for: $10 (limited time)
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry it was another one of my rambly posts but I do love doing them haha. Hope you're all having a lovely February so far and I'll talk to you soon!

What necklaces do you love to stack or wear on their own? Let me know in the comments.