Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Review of 2014 // Hopes for 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I know It's a couple days in to our New Year already but regardless I still wanted to post this. Just to recap for myself, reflect and see what I can do better this year. Also the photos above are just a couple from my year, I could put 200 on here but I just chose these ones already in folders haha.

First of all... WHAT A YEAR...
I know that's what everyone says each year but it's definitely applicable to my 2014. From a usual, unsuspecting beginning to my year, where everything could have been described as...perfect.. dare I say? to well...not. Everything was in a great place with friends, school, relationships, social wise. Not saying they aren't anymore..just different. I don't mean that at the time I thought it was all 'perfect', you always look at things in a way that they can always be better. But certainly towards the end of that period and being where I am now I can see that honestly that was definitely the best part of my life so far.

If you're reading this and are completely not understanding why I'm talking about 'before', 'the end' etc. I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark haha. Basically I moved from the UK to the USA. Things are difficult as you can imagine but you take it all a day at a time. When you're in a position like this you need to try and look on the bright side and think of the experiences you are gaining that many people will never get the opportunity to have. (Unless of course if was your choice, then good for you!) However, that being said I can tell you it still succckkkkks. Being away from the family and friends you love the most, and people you've spent everyday with for however many years. Not to mention schooling taking a halt in the middle of A-levels....
 I hope you're not reading this and thinking oh gosh what a Debbie Downer etc. Don't worry it's going up from here, I promise haha. 

This year (which feels so nice to be able to say) I'll be moving back and continuing with my schooling. That sounds great yes, but of course things will have changed: the majority of people I know will have headed of to university and I won't get to live in my same house for an extra year. However, I need to appreciate how (in particular) my two best friends will still be with me and their paths will be keeping them in the area and with me for at least another year (as well as something else very exciting that I will update you with), relationships with friends and my boyfriend will continue  and I get to take visits home every couple months, which really.. I'm very fortunate to get, as a lot of people wouldn't be able/ have the money to. 

Anyway, like I was saying before I am also able to add experiences to my resume/CV for future and in turn I may be very thankful for later in life. It's also enabling me to appreciate more, which of course everyone could do more of that, and of course that's something I want to do more in this new year as well. I'm sorry for going on about that for a couple paragraphs but honestly that's taken up a lot of my year. So let's move on to the rest.

This year I've developed friendships with people that either I've never really spoken to, nor had the confidence to(which is something that's improved this year and I want to continue), but also improved relationships that I have with people. Whether that's purely friendship wise or in my relationship with my boyfriend of three years this month, I feel both have progressed. That's something that's definitely improved over 2014..I feel like I've learnt how to treat people better (not just this year but every year it improves), how to actually be a real friend to people and to be there and just appreciating them and who they are, and how to judge character. I'm getting slightly too rambly here so don't worry I'll pull in the reigns haha. 

Either way, for at least the beginning it was the best year I've had so far. I've honestly made some amazing memories and improved my relationships with people as a whole. People sometimes lose friends along the way but you always keep a tie with the people who are true friends, and that's what really matters. I've found myself more as a person, and with every passing year I learn more about myself, what I'm looking for in my life, and improving my personal qualities and  I know these things will all continue into 2015. Speaking of continuing into 2015, I would love to as I said improve my appreciativeness, confidence, the perspective, work ethic, and all in all....being a more positive person because I am guilty of wallowing rather than trying to move on..sometimes, not always! But I mean sometimes you just need to, you know ;) But I really do want to be more positive and take the good things out of everything, as hard as that may be haha!

I hope I haven't bored you to death with this post...but honestly it was really nice to talk about it all and share it on here and just really reflect on my year being able to look at it written down. I do hope you enjoyed this and are having a great New Year so far! and I hope that you have a great year! 

What are you aiming for this year? How do you want to improve yourself?