Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Updated Makeup Storage

Hello again everyone, hope you've been keeping warm in this cold weather we've been having everywhere!!

I have a post today with my updated makeup storage, the last time I did this was only  a couple of months ago I believe, however since I've moved it's all completely changed so I thought I would share it with you!

I really love how this has turned out, the table/vanity featured in the photos is actually from Amazon and it wasn't a bad price at all, it came very well packaged, not a scratch on it, and already completely assembled we just had to twist the legs in on the stool as well as the table. So really I would recommend this, I've also seen this table featured in 'Mammamiamakeup' s youtube channel so here's a link to the video where you can see it. Anyway lets get started!!

This is an overview of the entire vanity, some makeup items I have in the tiny drawers and others I have sitting on top in make up storage you will have been in my last post about my makeup storage you will have been in my last post about my makeup storage if you saw that post. 

This is a closer post of the drawers so you can see how teeny tiny they are. I honestly don’t really know what would be suitable to go in these drawers, especially the top ones other than make up or like pens or something because they are quite small but it does depend what you would use it for.

On top of the vanity in this first piece of storage the majority of makeup is purely lip products. The bottom drawer is full of red/darker coloured lip products, crayons, lip gloss, lipsticks all of that type just in similar colours. The top drawer is lighter coloured products: corals and pinks, that kind of colour. On top at the front lipstick holders I have 3 rimmel london lipsticks lined up simply because that's the only thing they can really hold, not much else can fit in the space and since they are the same brand I thought it looked a bit nicer. In the back on the left I have my concealers: 2 from No7 and the other for Rimmel. On the other side I have some mascara's and an eye liner. In the main section of this holder I keep some foundations/base products from the likes of Clinique, Rimmel, No7, L'oreal.

As you can see on the sides of this storage on the left I have a pot of all of my brushes and my used mascara that I use everyday which is actually from No7. There will actually be a post coming up soon surrounding No7 products as I feel they aren't talked about as much as other brands, so make sure you're on a look out for that post!! Anyway in front of my brushes is a trial size of a clinique moisturiser and a Body Shop face mist. On the opposite side of the storage is the mirror I use for eye liner and to check my makeup all looks blended and everything,I love this because there is actually a light that you can turn on to see everything better (especially helpful in the evening!) and you can flip the mirror and see close up (I suddenly can't remember what the word is haha!) which is great for plucking your eyebrows or something. All in all a great mirror, this particular one is from Target I believe. In front are two smaller mirrors, a candle holder (of course!!) and a little heart shaped bowl that has bobby-pins in and a cheaper beauty blender I bought at TKmaxx.

In this flat storage organiser I bought at TKmaxx, everything is a face product. On the far right is a couple of stacked foundation, No7/Rimmel etc. I the centre there are two compartments: one at the back which is split into two (really confusing I know) on the right of this is some face creams and under eye cream. On the left side is again more foundations! As you can tell I'm kind of a hoarder when it comes to foundation haha! In front of those however I have some face primers from Benefit, No7 and Smashbox.On the far left of the organiser again...more foundations!! In front of it are two eos lipbalms...I really love these little things. Despite looking the part of an egg they are the most nourishing lip product I've ever used. Despite that snowman plate you can see is full of babylips, despite my love for them they do make my lips fairly dry which is kind of sad...but I'm still obbsessed with them...I really am in the market for the new crystal ones which I think have been introduced in the UK as well at least a couple of weeks ago.  Anyway I also have the second and third part of Proactive plus. There will also be a post about my experience with Proactive over the past couple months, so look out for that to. I also have a couple hand sanitisers because it is essential to me that I use this before I touch my face at all. This is because I have acne on my face, I dont really want to be putting more bacteria on my face.
This is the first drawer on the left of the Vanity when you look at the first couple pictures. On the left I have an assortment of different mascara's. Again a bit of a hoarder when it comes to them. A couple have never been used and a few have been used once but never do anything for my lashes so I need to look into getting rid of these. The likes of these mascaras is all over, No7, Rimmel, Maybelline. But as you saw earlier my favourites 'live' where they can be more accessible to me like my IT Cosmetics, Benefit and No7. The rest of these aren't suitable for everyday, I've forgotten about or sadly, have been 'replaced'. On the right of the drawer is a couple eye liners, but mostly full of single No7 shadows that come in the 'free sets if you buy two products or more' Boots occasionally have. I also have a few 6 shadow 'palettes', they aren't really, but I wouldn't know what else to call them. These can in a makeup set my dad got for me and they do have quite a nice pigment to them. However, I really would love some new ones, I just never justify the money for good quality eye shadows. In the back are a few more what actually might be classed as 'palettes' from a company called Me Cosmetics. I haven't really tried them but I  will update you when I do. These are called 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset' if you are interested.

Moving onto the next drawer: these are my powdered face products. A mixture of face powders...again a slight obsession here but not as bad as the other ones. One or two bronzers (but I just haven't found the right one for me yet) and a few powdered blushed. Again I should be in the market for some darker coloured blushes but I just never get around to it, will all the foundation's and mascara's I tend to buy haha.

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Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! Have a lovely day! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Updates and mini Forever21 haul!!

Hello everyone! It's been quite a little while since I've posted on here....

I have a couple reasons for that, one of which I went back to England for 3 weeks to visit with everyone, but before that I took a trip unto Pennsylvania and New York and had some personal things I was trying to think through which had me lets just say not in the right mood for blogging. But since then and I've come back is it bad to say I've kind of forgotten? I was trying to do a job search which was successful fortunately and I've been trying to get on top of some school work but now I am fully ready to get back into the swing of things/blogging son you should be seeing a lot more of me.