Saturday, 13 September 2014

Autumn Inspired Makeup Look!

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great day!! I'm not going to do my usual rambly start I'm going to jump right into it and some explaining will come in my next post which I promise this time will come shortly, I have it already scheduled. Although I will say, sorry about another makeup look in a row but it's for a different season so I hope you don't mind!!

Let's just jump right in.....Here's the makeup look I'll be showing you today, it's one I know I'll be going back to over the Autumn because it's so wearable and I love the way it looks, throughout the day.

So at this point due to my oily skin I put on a base, a primer I feel is essential for the makeup to last all day and keep the oil on my face to as least as possibly. So of course I use a Matte base this one from No7. When you put it on it's a weird texture at first because you can just tell it's mattifying if that makes any sense haha but when you rub it into the skin it just instantly gets rid of any oil and you have a soft, matte base to use.

Retailing for: £10.50
I feel like as it gets a bit colder makeup turns into more coverage and those BB and CC creams tend to go away...Although it's always important to use an SPF in your moisturiser or something (yes, even in England) I feel like this time of year the amount of makeup we tend to wear increases, this might just be me haha but in the summer I think it tends to be quite sheer and as we go towards the cold, winter weather it builds back up choosing a normal, coverage foundation. For myself anyway as I struggle with a lot of acne and redness. So in this look I use one of my favourite foundations the Neutrogena Microclear foundation which I think is only available in the US but can certainly be bought online if you live in Europe. As you can see by the packaging I take this with me everywhere because I love the coverage, not too much but enough with concealer and definitely buildable. I also love it because it has salicylic acid which helps to clear your skin. If you were curious my shade is the very lightest one, of course. 

Retailing for $11.99
Next because I felt kind of lazy I completely skipped on concealer but I wasn't going anywhere very special but usually I would use the Rimmel Wake me up Concealer. Anyway, I used the Seventeen Miracle Matte powder as my natural collection that I always use has crumbled up and is now in the bin, RIP. This powder was kind of my rediscovery as it really is amazing, very comparable to Rimmel Stay Matte or dare I say even better!? I think this actually keeps me matter longer and doesn't give a cakey look just mattifies.

Retailing for £3.99

After this I used my favourite baked blusher from the body shop. I will use this no matter what the season because I'm so in love with it, but I'm sure I'll get back into using my No7 blusher as well as it's a little bit darker and more suitable for the season. But I only apply this kind of lightly so it doesn't seem summery but gives you a bit of colour.

Retailing for: £12
The three products above were applied with the three brushes above...
Real Techniques Powder Brush: £12.99
SoEco Finishing Brush: around 
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: 
Next I apply a little bit of eyeliner to the outer corner because it's supposed to make your eyes seem a bit bigger. I don't apply it on my waterline but just under as I feel like this makes it last longer. This is just the Revlon basic eyeliner in Brown.

Retailing for: £4.29
Next, this might seem like a funny order but I like to do my eyebrows next, I just brush through them with the little tool you can see below to get the powder out and then lightly fill in the central bit and then the rest of the eyebrow only putting the pencil on my hairs not on my skin as to not seem to intense because I have quite coloured lashes anyway, then brush through it again to get rid of any excess.

Retailing for: £2.99
Next is my favouriteeeee step! Even when I wear no makeup I love to put mascara on because I have really short stubby lashes and it gives me a little somethin' somethin' so they aren't so non-existent. I love the Lash out Butterfly but after a few hours imy lashes droop even with curling them. The benefit mascara holds the curl but smudges on my eyelids after a couple hours so I decided to mix them to get what I want from the pair.

Lash out Butterfly (False lash flutter): £10.99
Benefit They're Real mini: 
And last but not least, the lips. I used this No7 High-Shine Lip Crayon. I loooovee this product it's really similar to the clinique one if you've tried it. So creamy, and shiny but not sticky at all. I love having this on my lip. It feels like a lip balm but such a nice with such a nice colour, this particular one I feel is good for all year long. I just put a lipgloss on top that came in a a little trial size with other colours which I think is from Seventeen but anyway I use this to make it last a bit longer and add more colour but could definitely be used on its own it has such a nice formula.

Retailing for: £9 (for full-size)
Thank you for reading my post! There will be a guaranteed post in the next week, I promise haha! Leave your comments below for any requests you have and your makeup essentials for autumn.