Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer Makeup Look!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you're well..... I feel like in the last cole blog posts I have had to keep saying sorry for the late posts....however if you have read my recent posts you will know that I was in the process of moving to America. I am not yet in the state I will be living as our furniture won't be here until sometime in Sept so I'm staying with family will then but it's been so crazzyyyy I haven't had a laptop to put my pictures on or a chance! But it should get more steady from now posts wise:)

So anyway a new thing that's happened since my last post is my Bloglovin' has hit over 200 followers which is crazy! And I'm so happy! So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed me and commented etc!

Let's get on with the post now because I know I waffle on a lot😉 This makeup look I have for you looks quite basic but is essential for this time of year And is pool proof....

So the first step in my usual summer makeup is a base/primer which for this day I used 'Babyskin Primer' by. Maybelline although I usually use a No7 matifying one I find this us better in the water and with sweat etc. this leaves my skin soft and matte for the most part.

On top of this. I find it best to use a BB cream that way if it does wear off a little it doesn't look like your face is melting as BB creams or CC creams tend to stay on your face better in place and need little to no setting with a powder. They also have a higher SPF usually although I know foundations are getting better so you can swap it out if you would prefer a better coverage but in hotter weather usually you don't want too much on your face as it's just not nice! But of course the look can be suited to yourself of you would prefer that! I also sometimes follow up with my Rimmel Wake me Up Concealer to get rid of some spots for just when Im not in the pool and I really after wards.

What isn't in this picture is a little blush because I was going in the pool shortly after and. I didn't feel I needed it but again if you would like to and it will be a while before you go in water or that kind of thing go ahead and apply it a this point!

Next I put on a setting powder this one is just a natural collection as I find it does just fine on my skin from keeping me get oily and is quite light on my face as well. I know I said with my BB cream you need little to no setting powder but with my oily skin I always like to have a bit on so that I don't get oily after a short while.

Next I just put on a little eye liner and. I don't use a waterproof one or anything but this Rimmel one tends to stay on great anyway and if it comes on it's not the biggest deal because I only put it on like half on my bottom lash line.

Last but not least is my favourite step. The mascara for this look I have used a waterproof version of Maybellines 'The Rocket' which I have heard people rave about for the longest time and when. I was getting a waterproof mascara I knew it had to be that one! It really does stay on well and it truly waterproof and as you can see has a great effect on the lashes and I do love it!!!

Thank you for reading this post and I will have another post up soon!! What are your makeup essentials for the summertime?  Leave it in the comments below!!