Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain and balm review!

Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain

Okay, so before you start reading the actual blog post I’m going to write below can we just address how silly it is that companies like Revlon put these ‘moisturiser balms’ at the end of a lip stain pen or any lip product and they think it’s a good idea? Unless you’re super, super careful that thing will fall off or will get all icky inside the lip- like mine. Eww. They should really just pot it and give you a little free extra thing or just not include it because it’s soooooooooooo annoying.

Anyway, if you read that rant thank you, but I’m talking about this stain today because I feel like Lip Stains are kind of unappreciated, and by this I mean they last for hours and give you a pretty good colour! Just not the glossiest thing ever…but people including myself do this to… we go for like a lipstick or lip gloss because drugstore lip stains don’t have the best reviews however they can be really great if used in the right way! But at £7.99 it can't be that bad!! Especially because I love Revlon as a company because there makeup is a pretty good quality for drug store, and this used in the right way reflects that!

The way that I like to apply it is by first before you do anything, pleaaaaaaaase put on some sort of moisture lip balm, maybe not the one it comes with… but Vaseline or a baby lips or nivea lip butter etc. But then just apply a few dops along the bottom lip and rub your lips quickly together and at least for me this spreads the product around before it dries so I  don’t have weird dots… I do this because when I applied it all over my lip it looked a little well weird… I can post a photo on my twitter if you’d like because I haven’t taken one to put on here and  I don’t know if anyone is interested so pleaseJ but then I apply either a clear gloss over the top or round two or Vaseline and it keeps it looking a little shiny...however the colour of the lip stain lasts all day so you only have to keep applying Vaseline not the lip stain.

Summary: not drying, colour lasts all day, pigmented, not a good balm that it comes with, good colour selection,  few dots in the middle(what I do), moisturise over and under.
Please leave me a comment with how you use/would use this product, as well as if you would like a picture of my lips with how I use it and one with all over to see the difference and why I don’t do thatJ